New Release: Queen of Two Hearts, Historical Romance, now on Kindle Unlimited

In the Kingdom of Verdan, there are always Two Kings. Two brothers ascend the throne together, but this 400-year-old tradition includes an unpleasant stipulation. 

Since the two kings must always be brothers, the kings must share one Queen. 

Lady Elsa has been selected by prophecy to be the new Queen to twin brothers King Ivar and King Ivo, but this is not a happy arrangement. 

Both kings are reluctant to marry the same woman and Elsa wants nothing to do with being a wife to two men. 

With the help of a doting witch, Elsa learns to be a wife, queen and future mother of kings, while trying to please two very jealous brothers who want her all to themselves. 

This is an historical fantasy with a tinge of paranormal that includes two husbands, one wife, no cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending. Enjoy! 

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