BAD BOY: Scoundrels in Love, Coming this Week!

COMING SOON! BAD BOY. Book three of Scoundrels in Love.
Excerpt: “Carine DuBois, did you just ask that priest to absolve you of our beautiful night?”
I clutch my grandmother’s pearls and turn to face him. “Are you following me?”
“Answer me.”
I nod
“And what was your penance?” He narrows his eyes and looms over me in judgement.
Too ashamed to say it out loud, I wave him down and whisper in his ear.
“That’s it? No acts of service? No fasting? You must have held out details.”
When I shrug, he takes my hand and charges down Fifth Avenue.“Where are we going?”
“ Home. You’re not erasing me again. I’ll make sure this next one gets us excommunicated.”