Maestro: Live on Kindle Unlimited

Music enslaves the Maestro, Passion liberates the Muse 

Marek Misiak is a composer and maestro of one of the most prominent orchestras in the country. Music is his life. His only love. But his phantom muse has abandoned him. Nothing inspires him. He’s chased perfection his whole life and settled for a life of mediocrity. 

Aria Romero is a prodigy, a cellist virtuoso, who hides her talent from a father still mourning the death of his cellist wife.  

Music is not practical. Nothing good will come from it. 

When Marek meets Aria and hears her play, he finally hears true perfection. The echoes of angels. Inspiration returns. Fate has brought them together. Two halves are whole. 

Attraction is instant, love is fated, but she can’t risk having her secret discovered.  

Marek won’t be dissuaded. Destiny will prevail. The Maestro will have his Muse. 

This is an older man younger woman steamy romance, with two soul mates brought together by a love of music and passion for each other. As always, there is a guaranteed happy ending!