Park Avenue Courtesan for 99 cents

Allegra Valeri: I am a courtesan. No doubt it’s strange to hear someone admit to such an antiquated profession, but there is no better way to describe it. ⁣
I have three lovers who have access to me two days a week and then I have one day to myself. I am not their mistress. For these men, a mistress is dangerous. A mistress falls in love and might want to become a wife. I will not. This is my job and I do not mix business with affairs of the heart. I live a life of leisure and in return I make them extraordinarily happy. I am a courtesan. That’s my job. ⁣

Boris Malakhov: This isn’t the life I wanted or expected, but some things were out of my control.⁣
As much as I want something that resembles a normal life—maybe a family–I always feared dragging someone else into my world. That was before I met Allegra. ⁣
Now, things are different. Right now, I share her with three others, but I can’t take this much longer. It just needs to be us from now on. I know she loves me, she’s just too stubborn and vindictive to admit it. ⁣

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