The Archangel of Light wants to go home and for the first time in 7000 years he has a shot. ⁣ 
Unfortunately, his long-awaited forgiveness will only come if he gives up the only person he’s ever loved. ⁣ Livia De Lucio comes from the Light. Descended from angels she’s caught Lucifer’s eye. 

Her pure heart intrigues him. 

Her beauty enthralls him. 

Her love will redeem him. 

This is a paranormal, slow burn romance with a devilishly handsome fallen angel, no horns or tail, a woman descended from Nephilim who works for the Vatican, a little bit of violence, archangels, fallen angels, a couple of cardinals, a nun, and a love story about the Angel of Light who finds true redemption in love. 

If any of this offends you or if an alternate story of Lucifer doesn’t sit right, DO NOT BUY.  If you’re cool with this- nudge the cat off your favorite chair, curl up with some coffee and enjoy my LUCIFER.