Live on Kindle Unlimited: Love Revealed, Brooklyn Bad Boys Book 3

Yuri Ivanov leads the most powerful Bratva in Brooklyn and commands attention wherever he goes. He’s used to making demands and watching people fall in line. Until he meets a young, idealistic assistant district attorney and falls head over heels, obsessively in love. ⁣

Rosalind Dunne wants nothing to do with gangsters. Her father was a hitman for the Irish mob and she knows all about the destruction they leave in their wake. Since he died, she’s dedicated herself to going after the mob, righting wrongs and saving the world case by case.

Her work is her passion. She has no time for gorgeous, lovesick mobsters with wild green eyes who woo her like she’s never been wooed before. ⁣

So what if his sexual prowess knocks her socks off. Surely, men this hot are a dime a dozen. Right? ⁣