New Release: Filthy Rich on Kindle Unlimited

Declan McCormick is filthy rich. He’s gotten everything he ever wanted, but always wanted the wrong things. At thirty-eight, he’s single, works seventy hours a week and comes home to an empty house every night.  

Something needs to change. 

Ava Jameson has come to New York to finish school. With rich parents, she’s gotten everything she ever wanted, except their time. But she swears to do things differently. She has big dreams and one of those dreams is building a better family than her own. 

When their paths cross, sparks fly. Declan charges full speed ahead but soon discovers the love of his life isn’t so easily impressed and isn’t interested in being the heroine of her own billionaire romance. 

This is a short, sweet and steamy, instalove contemporary, older man younger woman, billionaire romance novella with two people who quickly learn the best things in life never have a price tag. Enjoy! 

New Release: Shut Up & Kiss Me: Friends to Lovers Romance on KU

𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐭 𝐔𝐩 & 𝐊𝐢𝐬𝐬 𝐌𝐞 – Now Live and 99 cents through the weekend. Free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.⁣

Byron Wolf and Tabitha Devine are best friends. ⁣
They’re also secretly in love⁣

Byron is desperate to be with his Tabby, but he’s afraid his crazy, nerdy side will scare her to death and ruin the only healthy relationship he’s ever had. ⁣

Tabitha is lovesick over Byron, but after three years of waiting for him to take things to another level, she fears he’ll never see her as anything more than a friend. And her patience is running thin. ⁣

Just when she considers throwing in the towel, her new boss steps in and lends a hand – helping Byron chase his hearts desire or lose her forever. ⁣

Maestro: Live on Kindle Unlimited

Music enslaves the Maestro, Passion liberates the Muse 

Marek Misiak is a composer and maestro of one of the most prominent orchestras in the country. Music is his life. His only love. But his phantom muse has abandoned him. Nothing inspires him. He’s chased perfection his whole life and settled for a life of mediocrity. 

Aria Romero is a prodigy, a cellist virtuoso, who hides her talent from a father still mourning the death of his cellist wife.  

Music is not practical. Nothing good will come from it. 

When Marek meets Aria and hears her play, he finally hears true perfection. The echoes of angels. Inspiration returns. Fate has brought them together. Two halves are whole. 

Attraction is instant, love is fated, but she can’t risk having her secret discovered.  

Marek won’t be dissuaded. Destiny will prevail. The Maestro will have his Muse. 

This is an older man younger woman steamy romance, with two soul mates brought together by a love of music and passion for each other. As always, there is a guaranteed happy ending! 

New Release: Bad Boy, Scoundrels in Love, on KU

LIVE NOW. BAD BOY. Scoundrels in Love. Available exclusively on Amazon and free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Sorry for the delay, I was horribly sick the last two days. So Today and Tomorrow- Bad Boy is available for 99 cents!
Read all about good girl Carine and her inability to resist the most beautiful bad boy in Manhattan, Franco Bianchi—who wants what he wants when he wants it and there’s nothing he wants more than sexually repressed, innocent Carine.
Grab it today! #steamyromance #billionaireromance

BAD BOY: Scoundrels in Love, Coming this Week!

COMING SOON! BAD BOY. Book three of Scoundrels in Love.
Excerpt: “Carine DuBois, did you just ask that priest to absolve you of our beautiful night?”
I clutch my grandmother’s pearls and turn to face him. “Are you following me?”
“Answer me.”
I nod
“And what was your penance?” He narrows his eyes and looms over me in judgement.
Too ashamed to say it out loud, I wave him down and whisper in his ear.
“That’s it? No acts of service? No fasting? You must have held out details.”
When I shrug, he takes my hand and charges down Fifth Avenue.“Where are we going?”
“ Home. You’re not erasing me again. I’ll make sure this next one gets us excommunicated.”

Summer Bride Series- One More Week on KU

A Summer Bride Series. Agreeably Arranged and There She Goes—Will both go off Kindle Unlimited in ONE WEEK. Read about Lola & Castor and Luna & Max for free while you can before it goes wide forever! For those of you on Apple and B&N, these sister stories will be available next week, on January 14th everywhere ebooks are sold!