Under Contract: Humorous Urban Erotica

Innocent Charlotte sacrifices her virtue to contract herself for six months to a man she hates to help save her mother’s life.

20-year-old Charlotte’s dreams of becoming a classical musician and is well on her way when she lands a scholarship to attend Juilliard in NYC, but a during a quick trip home to Dallas, she discovers her beloved mother, her biggest supporter, has been diagnosed with cancer.

When her parents cannot afford a more effective but experimental treatment and the insurance companies won’t pay for it, she is propositioned by the last man she wants to hear from in her time of sorrow, billionaire Bishop Kent.

Ever since Charlotte met Bishop at a mutual friend’s party, he’s been chasing her and stalking her in an attempt to force her to go out with him. Despite his good looks, she’s convinced he only wants what he can’t have and turns him down for over a year and a half.

Hearing of her mother’s predicament, he offers to pay for an expensive experimental treatment if she signs a 6-month contract to be his sex servant and girlfriend, living with him and satisfying all his needs.

Since she’s a virgin and can’t stand him, she flatly refuses but then changes her mind if it means her mother might live.

Once she’s living with Bishop she refuses to believe he might have genuine feelings for her and plays games with him until they wind up backfiring on her in more ways than one.

Meanwhile, all Bishop wants is Charlotte, and once he has her, he had no intention of letting her go.
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Banished to the Netherworld: Sci Fi Erotic Romance

Within hours of her father’s death, Princess Emalia of Eruta is banished by her half-sister Queen Maika to live in the farthest reaches of their galaxy, the dark planet of Arkania, Eruta’s oldest enemy and so shrouded in mystery it’s referred to as the Netherworld.
Sheltered since she was born and always fed dark stories of the Netherworld, Emalia goes to Arkania believing she’s going to be imprisoned or killed, and prepares to bargain for her life.

Instead, she is treated with kindness but will be forced to marry one of the Queen of Arkania’s sons, the fair-haired, charming Berik or the dark and brooding Crown Prince Valik, who initially dislikes her and all Erutans for years of perceived slights.

Emalia is made to wait for strange rituals and gifts as the two enormous Princes, who dwarf her in size try to woo her in very different ways.

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The Divine Right of Damian King: Paranormal Erotica

Annette Moreau has a family secret she hates to talk about- her family is the reason the mighty King family of her hometown of Mount Royal, New York has been cursed for over two hundred years.

The Kings rule Mount Royal with an iron fist, they’re ruthless billionaire tyrants who have their hands in everything and everyone that matters in their back pocket, but there is one family they leave alone – The Moreaus, who they’ve been feuding with since the founding of Mount Royal in the 1780s.

Damian King has already seen two generations fall prey to the curse of the Moreaus. Both his father and his grandfather were driven to insanity all for their unrequited love of Moreau women- a curse that has afflicted every King patriarch since it was cast two hundred years earlier. Initially, he refuses to believe the curse is real, until he sees a young Annette Moreau and realizes she’ll be the one who’ll drive him to madness.

Damian spends years, stalking Annette, threatening and buying people off, asserting the absolute power his predecessors were afraid to invoke, in order to draw Annette to him, claiming her and making her love him just to break the curse and win the heart of the woman he can’t live without.

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New Release: Sacrificial Lamb: Origin of the Penrose Coven, Paranormal Erotica

For 200 years the Duchy of Hexburg has been protected by a mysterious warlock named Talan Marec. While neighboring kingdoms and counties suffered plagues and famines, Hexburg remained protected – but the time has come for Talan to receive his long-awaited payment.

An agreement reached 118 years earlier named one girl by name- Lady Alis Volker- who would be sacrificed to the warlock on the day of her 18th birthday.

Alis has no idea why she’s been chosen, how he knew her by name 100 years before her birth and is terrified when she is forced to surrender herself to the decrepit old warlock as his new wife.

Made to satisfy an elderly man, Alis is repulsed by the sight of him until he urges her to remember him.

Alis is no ordinary sacrificial lamb and she and Talan are no ordinary lovers. Once reunited, they’ll never be parted again.

#paranormalerotica #HEA

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Stealing the Bride: WW2 Historical Romantic Erotica

Celia has loved Jack for as far back as she can remember, but he’s only had eyes for her older sister Camilla.

When WW2 breaks out, he’s sent overseas and Celia is heartbroken while Camilla is too busy writing to all her other boyfriends to bother with old reliable Jack- prompting the always devoted Celia to write to him instead, slowly winning his heart.

When Jack finally sees Celia for the first time in 2 years, she’s all grown up and he finally falls in love with the right sister.

He begs her to wait for him so they can marry after the end of the war and she almost agrees –  but deep down she’s afraid he’s still in love with her sister and pushes him away.

But while he’s back in Europe he finds out the girl of his dreams is about to marry someone else and he’s determined to stop the wedding.

He’s convinced his whole future happiness depends on him stealing someone else’s bride for himself.

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Fertile & Innocent: Taken By My Professor

Young and innocent Cara is stalked, blackmailed and then knocked up by a hot professor who wants to bully her into marrying him.

Cara comes from a big family and depends on her scholarship money to get her through every semester. She’s worked hard to keep her GPA up and has never had any problems with grades because she’s smart, disciplined and has no social life.

She’s far too busy to even notice that her hot professor has been trying to get her attention for over a year.

Dr. Malcolm Gallagher is Cara’s professor and mentor and who will stop at nothing to get and keep Cara for himself- including blackmailing and bullying her and then trying to knock her up.

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New Release: Big Daddy: Tale of a Hot Wife, Humorous Romantic Erotica

Clarisse was just an 18-year-old small town girl when she met and married a much older man named Jackson Brooks, who takes her out of her humdrum life and makes all her dreams come true.

Although they have a very happy and active sex life- Jackson thinks Clarisse didn’t get to experience much before they married and fantasizes about seeing her with other men.

Initially opposed to it, Clarisse gives into the hot wife lifestyle but soon realizes her favorite part is her Big Daddy’s punishment role-playing afterward. And the worse she behaves for Daddy, the more he has to do to turn her back into his good girl. Because Big Daddy never lets her down.

Warning: This 7,000+ word e-story contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity between an older man and an eighteen-year woman. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.


New Release: Spellbound, Paranormal Erotica

Simon Sutcliffe is in love with Willa Bexley, his Executive Assistant, but doesn’t have the nerve to tell her how he feels- fearing he’ll scare her off and ruin their friendship and work relationship.
Then his best friend Mason tells him about a witch he’s met that knows how to cast love spells, nothing permanent- just enough to get things started for him and tells him about his own experience with his new girlfriend.
Skeptical but desperate, Simon hires the witch to cast the spell on the same day Willa’s recurring medical condition, the one that causes her libido to go into overdrive reappears.
Believing that her weird behavior means his spell is working, Simon finally makes his first move and encourages Willa to stop fighting her raging hormones- making several moves of her own.
Between his spell and Willa’s libido- nothing is stopping Simon from finally getting the girl of his dreams.
Warning: This 4,000+ word e-story contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.
#HEA #lactation fetish #paranormal


New Release- Senator Sugar Daddy – Urban Romantic Erotica

I didn’t want to attend Ole Miss like mama, my aunts and granny before me, I had big dreams of moving away from Louisiana and decided to attend Georgetown University in Washington DC instead. 

Knowing I was a bit boy crazy, Daddy asked his oldest friend, Senator Elias Barnett to check in on me and make sure I was okay- I told him I was fine, but he insisted.

Not having seen the good Senator, longtime divorced and filthy rich, for more than five years, I was taken by surprise. I felt an instant connection and intensely aroused by how tall, handsome and fit he looked in his tailored suit. He was nothing like the boys from high school! In fact, he was so charming, he charmed me right out of my virginity on our first night out.

But what should have been a one-night stand became a fast obsession for both of us when the sex was so wild and amazing he kept tempting me to give him more. 

Although I’ve tried to be a good girl, he convinced me to live with him as his secret girlfriend, showering me with money and jewelry in exchange for sex five times a week, but I gladly gave it to him every day. He was spectacular!

The problem is after two years, things have gotten way too serious. I’m addicted to him, the sex, his body and possibly a little in love. Daddy will never allow us to be together, so I’ve started planning my escape. Little do I know my sweet Elias is on to me and has no plans to let me go!

Warning: This 7,000 word e-story contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between an older man and an eighteen-year woman. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.
#HEA #FirstTime #Fertile